How It Works

  • Sign up with Fifa Reward using this link Join FifaReward
  • Fund your wallet with FRD from pancakeswap or any other exchange of your choice
  • Visit the betting page
  • Search and choose a game/fixture of your choice
  • Click on Open Bets, and place a bet by selecting your betting team, prediction, bet participants and betting amount in FRD.
  • Your opened bet will be listed in open bets page open bets
  • Any user can join your bet.
  • All placed bets are closed after the match or fixture, bet winners get their winning bets automatically in their wallets.
  • If your bet didn't find a participant to join, after the fixture, if you win, your winnings will be transferred to your wallet. But if you lose, you can bet again to try your luck next time.
  • Draw bets are carried over to a next match